301 Marketing Secrets

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"I devoured this book' As I read I made notes, marked it up, and learned more profit- boosting mail order information than I had learned from 14 different newsletters on the subject over the past year... and I paid over £925.37 to subscribe to them!... this book is a STEAL!"

-- Brian Keith Voiles, President Brian Keith Publishing, Inc 

Dear Direct Marketer,

You know direct mail can make you rich. It's just that it can cost you a fortune trying to figure out the "combination" that unlocks the vault to direct mail success. Unlocking that vault is something that few people really understand.

But I've come across an incredible 190 page book that is brimming over with hot, proven, and tested direct mail tips, techniques and secrets. It's called "301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" by marketing legend Bill Myers.

First of all, you need to understand that this is no pie in the sky book full of theory. No sir-cc Bob! Bill Myers is one of the most successful individual direct response marketers you'll ever meet.
Take a look at just a few of the proven tips and techniques you'll learn from this book:
  • The 5 key characteristics your target market must have in order for you to succeed with any direct mail effort.., if your market fails any of these tests, it's a poor candidate for your project. (see page 12)
  • Your success in direct mail depends on 4 things... do you know what they are and their order of importance? You must! (see page 13)
  • Mailing list secrets exposed!!! Which lists work and which lists don't! (see page 16)
  • Bulk or first class? ... which is better for your test mailing? (see page 17)
  • The seemingly obvious, (yet little understood) ways to package your products for maximum success and profit! (see page 24)
  • Do testimonials really work? Find out on page 28.
  • Want to know the best and worst bonus items to use?... see page 26?
  • Does your mailer look like "junk mail"?.., learn what to do about it on page 29!
  • What's the most often used (and most profitable) premium?... see page 25!
  • The key rule for success when selling video tapes as part of a package. (see page 24)
  • What the "out of box experience" is and how it can keep refunds down to almost nothing! (see page 26)
  • How to keep prospects from putting your letter aside - and how to get them to order now! (see page 28)
  • The parts of a sales letter you need to succeed in the mail! (see page 31)
  • Does offering overnight delivery increase orders?... check on page 29 for the shocking truth!
  • Discover 18 proven tips for getting "in the mood" to write a bulls-eye targeted sales letter that pulls in orders like mad! (see pages 34 to 37)
  • How to get a "reluctant recipient" to read your letter! (see page 38)
  • Why you should read at least 50 winning headlines before you even sit down to write! (see page 39)
  • Your letter is junk mail!.., if you headline contains these two phrases. What are they? Check page 41 for the answer and save yourself thousands in wasted mailings!
  • Can a picture or clip art work in your sales letter?... only if you know the special selection criteria on page 41!
  • What salutation is best for your letter?... a customers first or last name?... (see pages 42 and 43 for important FACTS!)
  • The 14 most common salutations, and how to know which one is best for your project! (see pages 43-44)
What's more "301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" is put together in the order you're most likely to need the information. Take a look at some of the Chapter headlines:
  • Ten Commandments of Direct Mail! Follow these basic rules to increase your chances of success and reduce the risk of failure.
  • Choosing the Right Customers! Success starts with finding customers who already want your products. You'll learn how and where you can locate them.
  • Selecting Hot Products That Will Sell! Inside methods for finding (or creating) the exact products your direct mail customers want to buy.
  • The Psychology of Customers! You'll learn the secrets of customer behavior and how to use them to reduce resistance and increase sales.
  • Understanding Sales Letters & How to Get a Killer Response! Here you'll learn tips on the components of effective sales letters and techniques for getting the best response!
  • Order Form Secrets! Find out why a good order form can increase your sales dramatically, even when customers don't use it!
  • How to Get Your Envelopes Opened! Most sales letters get thrown away unopened. Here's how to make sure your letter gets opened!
  • Layout For Maximum Sales! Looks are everything! But which "look" works? Learn insider methods for getting the most profitable "curb appeal".
  • Printing the Package: A few simple strategies for getting your sales letter printed at the best price and quality!
  • Profitable Mailing Strategies: How to make the postal service work in your favor!
  • Increasing Your Profits: Discover techniques for increasing profits using back-ends, follow-ups, and up-selling - all of which will make mail order much more profitable for you!
You're looking at the tip of the iceberg of all that this incredible book is going to teach you!

"301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" is the hottest, most useable book on direct mail marketing you'll ever lay your hands on... the tips and techniques you learn are all proven through actual use.

It's written in a quick, concise format, and it's handy six inch by nine inch size is perfect when you're putting a project together.

In fact, I constantly refer to this incredible resource in my direct mail business... it tops the list for practicality and track record!

Listen, you could spend years of hard work discovering for yourself what works and what doesn't. But why should you do it the hard way? Especially when "301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" is chock-full of proven, time-tested direct mail marketing techniques!

And at this price, how can you lose?

Don't you think you owe it to yourself to get "301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" in your hands today?

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