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Can you resist a Ted Nicholas headline? I doubt it. Few people can. I never could. But see for yourself. Take this short test. Just look at how this all-timer of marketing has titled some of the chapters in his tell-all book, "Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets," which for my money is worth its weight in diamonds.

Ready? See if you can possibly resist wanting to know: 

A Surefire Tip That Always Increases sales ... 11 Secrets of a Successful Ad ... A Business Strategy That Can't Miss ... The Secret to a 100% Response ... How to Successfully Market Your Products Around the World ... 12 Little Mailing Tips That Make a Big Difference ... The Success Attitude That Never Fails ... The Real Secrets of Great Writing ... Boost Sales the Easy Way ... Tell 'em What They Will Lose ... A Headline Can Earn You a Fortune ... Headlines That Sizzle.

And then there are: 14 Rules for achieving Financial Literacy ... 

The Top Seven Marketing Mistakes ... How to Hire the Best Employees ... An Extra £1,233,825.92 Profit on One Mailing ... How to Become a Successful Self-Publisher ... How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Causes of Business Failures ... 7 Magic Words to Happiness ...How to Get a Job During All Economic Times ... The Top Ten Mistakes in Preparing Sales Letters ... The "Killer" Order Form ... Work Less, Have More Fun ... How to Sell Your Business uccessfully ... The Most Important Lessons in My Life.

And those are just a brief sample.

So how'd you do?

Does your palm not itch to own this audio DVD package? I knew it would, because Ted's marketing is irresistible.

The best thing is, he can teach you how to make your marketing irresistible, too.

I predict that if you don't act on the desire you've just experienced, if you let this book slip away, you will also let slip one of the most important learning opportunities of your life, not to mention countless sales, untold additional income, and the chance to live a much happier, richer life, just as Ted is living.

This is one of those rare marketing books you must own if you seriously desire maximum success.