Magic Words: A Review

Review: Magic Words that Bring You Riches
by Ted Nicholas
Self Made Millionaire

Self made millionaire, Ted Nicholas reveals all of his secrets for generating his astounding wealth in his latest ebook, Magic Words that Make You Rich.

Nicholas attributes his success to the enormous power of Magic Words. These magic words have made him a millionaire many times over. In 1991, he tried retirement, however, it only lasted a few months. He found it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

He began sharing his discoveries with others in books and seminars. Since he didn't need the money, he decided instead of charging for his information he would give it away as a form of charity. However, he quickly learned that when something is given away, people usually don't place any value on it. With this in mind, he does the next best thing -- he reveals his secrets at a price that anyone can afford. I have to say that I was very surprised at how little he charges for his masterpiece. I've seen books that don't even compare to his book sell for hundreds of dollars.

Nicholas states, "Success based on Magic Words can be duplicated. You can do as well, or better, than me. Anyone who uses the words, and I mean anyone, can become a millionaire! Thousands of my readers have already become rich. A few of them are included below. And if you are sincere and apply yourself, you too will soon have all the money you desire."

Magic Words that Make You Rich is far more than just a copywriting book. It's far more than just a lesson in writing sales producing headlines. It is a powerful life lesson that will teach you the art of communicating -- communicating through the use of magic words in your personal life and in business.

Here's what Nicholas says you don't need:

Money - I began with just
Office or equipment - A simple ruled pad and pen at home is all I had to start with.
A product - My book will show you exactly how to find a steady stream of hot products at little or no cost.
Geographic location - My strategies work anywhere in the world, including a tiny village.
Luck - My system does not involve any gambling or risk whatsoever.

Magic Words that Make You Rich is broken down into three parts. Part I focuses on situations all of us experience in life. In this section he reveals specific magic words that have made an extraordinary difference in his life. Once mastered, you will better position yourself to get everything you have ever wanted. Part II reveals magic words which will bring you financial riches. You'll discover the exact words, strategies, and techniques that have helped him to profitably market over £308,456,480.24 worth of products. Part III - Provides you with information on how to obtain more advanced information and training.

Table of Contents:

Part I Magic Words That Get You Everything You Want In Life

Ch1 - Magic Words
Ch2 - How to get the very best table in any restaurant
Ch3 - Often get first class, business class seats on an airplane
Ch4 - Have employers call you with job offers!
Ch5 - Slash the Cost of Lodging at First Class Hotels
Ch6 - Attract all the money you need for any business venture
Ch7 - Approach a member of the opposite sex and immediately generate interest
Ch8 - Rent a Mercedes for the price of a Ford anywhere in the world
Ch9 - Find a gourmet cook to prepare low cost meals
Ch10 -How to get invited to speak before any group you choose and enhance your business career.
Ch11- Receive free expert consulting help for your business
Ch12- Buy beautiful jewelry, including gold rings and watches, at below wholesale prices
Ch13- Earn over £616.91 a day in the most profitable business in the world
Ch14- Find world famous people to speak before your group-free
Ch15- Attract the world's best employees to help your business really prosper
Ch16- How to get capable people to work for free
Ch17- Get free advertising by becoming a celebrity, first locally-then nationally.
Ch18- Obtain U.S. rights to market best-selling products from around the world for as little as £154.23
Ch19- Reduce or eliminate legal fees in your business and personal life
Ch20- Buy valuable antiques at huge discounts
Ch21- Get valuable financial interest in other people's companies without investing one red cent
Ch22- Earn from £61,691.3 to £154,228.24 a year or more as a consultant

Part II Magic Words That Bring You Riches

Ch23- How to write headlines that make sales soar!
Ch24- How to create ads that bring in millions in sales
Ch25- Today's best no cost/low cost marketing
Ch26- How to get marketing rights to a hot product for as little as £154.23
Ch27- How to triple the sales power of success ads
Ch28- How to write the ideal sales letter
Ch29- How to write the ideal sales letter II
Ch30- How to get 1,000 people to subscribe to a £61.69 newsletter with zero marketing cost
Ch31- More sales for your buck
Ch32- How to create more profitable mailing by knowing how to test
Ch33- How to market yourself
Ch34- How to uncover the most important secrets of a successful sales letter
Part I
Ch35- How to uncover the most important secrets of a successful sales letter
Part II
Ch36- How to use a 2-step marketing plan to increase your chance of success
Ch37- Secrets reveal how P.S. can increase sales by 300%
Ch38- How to prepare "lift letters" that can double response to your mailings
Ch39- How to prepare order cards that increase sales
Ch40- How to prepare a profitable catalogue
Ch41- How to make card decks pay
Ch42- How to prepare a brochure that sells
Ch43- Here are the best books ever written on marketing
Ch44- 39 Hot direct marketing success rules by Ted Nicholas
Ch45- Message to friends who want to become millionaires

Part III Advanced Training

Ch46- Magic Words That Bring You Riches (The Advanced Home Study Course)
Ch47- How Ted Nicholas works with clients